Dr. Richard Wiseman

January 25, 1923 — February 9, 2008

Quotes from The Therapies of Literature

Human beings who have a deep knowledge of their own form, structuring and process will draw much closer to their reason for being.

Pay attention to those in touch with our central tasks.

Michelangelo’s vision is without peer; it speaks unashamedly of the high calling of the human race and shows the human form best able to answer that call.

Life can never be explained, only experienced.

The prime myth is always the song of life energies.

Everything depends on the way we convert fear of death into a deep love of life.

No one can do our work for us.

Be thankful to anyone who destroys your shallow, untried faith.

In dreams we find the personality of the dreamer, still whole, complete, like nature.

Learn, finally, to acknowledge your own body as your deepest, most reliable grounding.

There is a door in the wall, unnoticed until despair reveals it.

Your response to shadow is crucial.

The vast landscape of the psyche is our eternal compensation for what is unworthy or crass in our daily world.

Dare to become fully conscious of our century’s severe limitations.

Most of us hide behind our mental constructs, our puny repertoire of ideas that conceal from us the fullness of life.

The best place to find the possible liberation of the world is in fiction.

We may indeed have become blind to our real task.

All human achievements are mortgaged to transitoriness.

Be, in the difficulty of what it is to be.

We must arrive somehow at a much more radical knowledge of the meaning of being.

   — Richard

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